Start in the rehearsal area and your garage to quickly unlock the TV studio where your dreams of fame will all be coming true. Select the level of difficulty you want and work on honing your skills.

If you’re good enough, you can even make it big and perform in a stadium full of fans!

Easily record yourself with our integrated streaming feature,

and show the world how much you rock out!

Choose from 20 original tracks covering Classic Metal, Classic Rock, and Modern Classics.

All songs that you know and love by bands such as Poison, Europe, KISS,

3 Doors Down, Fall out Boy, X Ambassadors, and more!

RIFF VR is a one of a kind music role playing experience.

Using VR technology, you are a guitarist, drummer, or singer of your own band. The RIFF VR band members will jam naturally with you thanks to motion capture by professional musicians.

Creative Hub: A customization feature

Environments: Choose your favorite and get started

Lighting: Bright sky? Night? Romantic shades of pink?

Objects: Select, Rotate, and Scale any object from our inventory

Paint: Let your creativity go while and 3D paint in your environment.

Perform: Rock out with the band in your unique scene!

Stream :  Don't forget to stream your process and your performance!

Thanks to our exclusive technology, RIFF VR guitar feels real without any clunky accessory.

Stream to Youtube, Twitch, or Facebook with our integrated streaming feature.

Unlock different environments by scoring high marks!

We're Music industry friendly! 

We license ALL of our music. This  means you will be playing all the original songs!

3 Levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, & Hard

Unique special effects in each environment triggered by adding combos! 

More than 20 hits by legendary musicians!

One bonus track only available for the best players!

Creative Hub: A customization feature

where you can choose the environment and the lighting, place objects, 3D paint, and perform with your band!


  • Works everywhere your iPhone works!

  • Get an immersive experience using a portal and step into the room with the band.

  • Take pictures and videos of their “live” performance.

  • 4 hit songs to discover!

  • Use different filters to create unique video performances.

  • Share your videos and photos and let everybody see your RIFF AR experience!

  • FREE! The app is free without any in-app purchases, just enjoy!



"I was made for loving you"

Deep Blue Something

"Breakfast at Tiffany's"


"The Final Countdown"

Lynyrd Skynyrd

"Sweet Home Alabama"


"Santa Monica"

Fall Out Boy

"Sugar, we're going down"

Marcy Playground

"Sex & Candy"

Night Ranger

"Rock in America"


"Talk Dirty to Me"


"Modern Day Cowboy"

The All-American Rejects

"Swing, swing"

The James Gang

"Funk 49"

Grand Funk Railroad

"We're an American Band"

Night Ranger

"Sister Christian"

The Music Explosion

"Little Bit O'Soul"

Joe Walsh

"Rocky Mountain Way"


"Nothin' But a Good Time"

X Ambassadors


3 Doors Down


38 Special

"Hold on Loosely"